oh the happy st paddy's day

tomorrow is joyous. I get to take out so much frustrations. make Miro bring pain. oh the happiness of game game game game. I am bring Guniess and kim chi. for the game master gods. hopefully Miro will win,and the dice will work there magic. nothing worse than a pretentous kitty shifter shaven and in a zoo. Blood will be spilt tomorrow. the river of styx will rise a ft,and I if things workout right will walk away.not looking like a idiot. hahahahahhahaha
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its near the end

I can not keep going on like this. I am angery,and hurt beyond words. This was never suppose to be a chess match a battle of superiority. If you remember right I know how this game is played,and I refuse to play. so I won't even walk onto the playing field. I have been sitting in this pc chair for what seems about 2 hours almost doing nothing.Compeltly numb,to my present or where the future ends up. What you have done is total lack of respect,humilation,100% defiance.I can not nor will not live like this anymore.Something has to be done.My breaking point has shattered 3 months ago. I am guess you've never noticed the pieces nor heard them break.Every foot fall every eye glance is a mockery. I remember telling myself at some point never to open,never let them in.All they do is hurt, all they do is whisper false promises.If you remember. that is what you said last night "you promised". why did I think that would be any differnt.What has happened.Perhaps Oour views of Oone another have fall apart changed like tempered glass.My blind ambitions, I so hate how life gets in the way.So what now,do I wait for the next chapter,the next paragraph? Should I just close the book move on. I have run out words,I have run out of idea..I have almost run out of me.Inside it feels broken never understand the damnage or brusies you create. internal bleed never leaves traces. However it seems your always in the distance trying to get quick glances,to see the damage. you say you don't do this on purpose you say all kinds of rose pedal words. but your apathy and lack of respect show like battlions.So I ask you...WHAT NOW?..... WHAT DO YOU WANT before I stop listening before you become like all the others, I understand the world is broken..thats why Devotion is reserverd for the very few.
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yummie goodness

I just finished the new or semi new wong kar wai film. sheer joy let me please try to exlain my view of him.
the man has a way of showing and capturing shots like a genius of utter GOD. I watch mostly forigen and indy films,so I see alot of crap,and I am very very picky on my directors. I only have 3 favorites for differnt reasons. not in this order mind you..1)Peter Greenaway,2)Daivd Lynch,3)Wong Kar Wai. Wong brings to the table a romantic feel even for someone who has put his heart in liquid nitrogen. You feel so much for every charcter you weep for the compasion of prostiutes the embarkment on always searching for passion. It has just hit me that he is a lover you want to spend time with. not just sex the director for that is John Waters. he is fantastic in his own way,but Wong makes love he is slow through out the entire films he makes you just get this slow ongoing rapture of shots, music, and dialog.You seem to never want it to end your heart tugs and perfection. he seduces you so much. One thing I think about alot his the wardrobe and sytle of woman.They dress in like 30's/50's clothes,and have so much feminity. I only wish woman of today had. so much class and suave.Once again Wong thank you for something so grand in a world full of shit.
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rant ..yes I am allowed to have them

okay, I don't have the rich cable, I just have the normal cable.when I lived in fl I had the nice cable
and I was really happy to have cartoon network. somehow my idiot light clicked on. and I don't know wtf I was thinking but I was like nice. all the is anime on fridays. then low n behold nothing but americanized
butchered dub shit. its shit I tell you. so with tons of protest. I stopped watching it.I found out recently that one of my fav newspaper comicstrips was turned into a cartoon. oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll no. how can you do this. the atroscities. and then be put on cartoon network. the pc family new breed of networks you suck. so I just nabbed a couple of esp.
fucking hell. I am in tears. they didn't censor anything good work cartoon net.very happy. the boondocks is a great cartoon full of great black human. enough to make the nice republican neighbors who hear it think. I won't laugh I am too affraid to. ppl will think I am racist . yes in the cartoon they use the word nigger alot. but you have to have read the strip as well. its so intelligently done. unlike how I just spelt that word. yes they don't use "nigga" they use the r. espically when the kid walks up to the mic taps on it and spouts ladies n gentleman excuse me.. "jesus was black, ronald regan was the devil,and american is lieing to you . 911 really did happen. yes the cartoon is funny as hell. wetdry I suggest you nab a bit of it. its good stuff. 2nd part. can someone plz send me a cat translator. I know they are damn habbit eaters. but christ when you wake up and they scream at you . and they still have food. what are they saying. so then if they eat it all and you wake up. and the toilet papper is all on the floor shredded b/c someone was pissed off, they didn't have food. damnit speak english you piece of shit cat.(yes thats my nickname for my cats when I am mad at them I have two siemese cats). I mean hell. you can't come in to the bedroom jump on the bed and tell me your hungry. so I can be the mean father and say you should have saved it tough shit you wait till I get up. no. you stay nice and quiet till I get out of bed to take a shit. and the floor is decorated with a entire roll. it looks like snow all over the bathroom. so if anyone has a cat transltor out there. I am willing to pay for it.
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and who says I'm not kid friendly

You are the Black Dragon.
Refusing love and friends has got you into this
state. You're very lonely and bored most of the
time, but still, you can't bring yourself to
like people. You lose your temper easily, and
usually take it out on others, or yourself. One
look into your eyes, and people can tell you
are not someone to cross.

If you were a Dragon, what color would you be? (With pics!)
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Can someone please tell me what American or how and better why
created daylight savings time.
if I am wrong let me know but as I am aware we are the only
dumbass country that does this?
I can never get used to it at all. and moving the clocks back is
even worse for me. I fucking swear its like I am on perminate
jetlag for like months and I never went anywhere.
bloody hell.
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so the force isn't with me

in my swg game
I am a jedi weak pathtic and complete lame
that is what they have done to us.
but my gripe is this
Master Bounty Hunters.
oh the jokes on me.
when did I think they were honorable
no they are suppose to be shaddy in every step of the way.
damn bastards. in the game if you die or get killed fighting someone else
thats it you clone get back up n keep going
if your a jedi you loose a min of 250k xp
well we were in a group killing pikets and when you loose health or mind
you get incapped ie unconscience. well this happened to me. while I was out
staring at my timer makeing small talk with group in chat.
I see on my screen Enowa is dead . I am like wtf. so in group I ask what the hell
happened. they informed me while I was out. from about 50m away a Bounty Hunter
was shooting at me. I was his mission and he killed me.
so cold and cowardly. and to think I only had 20k left before I leveld up all gone.
those bastards should pay.
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is there such thing as bad press

my best friend doesn't call himself a writer, he should be. however he comes from my generation
of lower middle class depression and is stricken with apathy.he writes for himself but has a webpage
he can post for most to see, no its not a blog. its called anti-hero.com I guess some uppie trendie
califuck, wanted to do a article on the ppl that post at the site. that howington lets spew forth their venom.I am gathering most of them live in texas. which as I laugh thinking about it. is its own country
they have there own laws n rules. let me get back to my rant. so this calguy went to texas to visit most of
them in I guess from reading the article,was some sort of get together minus my friend.you have to understand I am a open minded person and if my friend deserved to or needs to be assainated by words I would be the first to do it,and I wouldn't be using a sharp insturment. so my friend calls me sunday I do believe was the day. tellign me this guy wanted when he was born basically a huge bio on him to email to him for the article
I sensed doom right then and there. no big deal its cool. whatever right sure.. so he pops out this small rant and sends him what he needs. now yes if your going to write a article about a website and the ppl that put out there stories there. you would think you would either write mostly about the person/perons idea whose created it. No. they decided to write all about how fucked up and reneck white-trash these ppl are. how they present themselves etc. barly giving any bit of there writing. small quotes here n there. from reading this one would get the idea that these ppl are the ghetto version of white-trash the lowest of the low. my friend doesn't even fucking live in texas. he isn't white trash or a redneck. the only thing he shares in common with these cretin's is his distaste for life and interaction with ppl. they quote or paraphrase him once.
they speak his name twice thats it. I am not pissed that they left him out. I am just stating they painted him a house full of ppl he isn't mislabeling or labeling ppl is wrong. I have read alot of stuff from that site and believe you me. his stuff is perfect. he needs to be published they didn't even post anything but a metaphor. I am so pissed this guy put him in the same catagory with these ppl. like some stupid hill billy intellect. this guy should be shot. or better yet never to be able to pick up anything that can leave letters or imprint he doesn't even give them credit I ment the other ppl that were mentioned b/c they can quote and read bukowski or the philospher nietzche. . I told him to have a paige there to make howington give you a spot. why b/c at least someone will read it and maybe you will be discovered. it really does piss me off knowing that this calguy knows no barring on my friend and doesn't even give him credit . no one got credit or reconction for this. it was a slaughter a masacre. that this yuppie who probably was drinking his decaf latte' from starbucks in his 6k tie. thought it fun to mock them. http://www.fwweekly.com/content.asp?article=3307.my rant is done. I am so stressed I need a drink
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shake head and make things function

I just woke up about 15 mins ago. I haven't had any coffee I am not aware.
so I jump on the pc and prepare to watch the anime I nabbed last nyte.
enjoying the fighting and stuff. something still seems to be wrong
I just can't figure it out. so about 10 mins into the movie
my lightbulb clicks on.. I go through the stuff in my head
okay voices don't match. but not slow so its not bubbed
hmm next no lines at bottom not subbed.
this isn't english . now after sipping coffee
ack.. no wonder anime isn't making sense not even picking up japanese words I know
alas... anime isn't nearly as fun and rather painful if your watching it in spanish
bad Enowa bad..
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